About Mitch

CEO, Author, and Consultant Mitch Waks exhibited the gift of entrepreneurship at a young age; elementary school to be exact. He realized the profit to be had in making is own cinnamon toothpicks and selling them to his classmates.

During his college years, Mitch quickly realized his side-gig in a band would not pay the bills, therefore he established a “party planning” business, using his sociable personality to his advantage. Mitch may be the only college student who did not eat ramen noodles during that time.

During his experience as a student-teacher, Mitch understood he made a grave mistake in career choices. Sticking with it until after graduation, Mitch went into sales instead of teaching. Mitch eventually met and married his first wife whose mother owned a home tutoring business with around 12 students. Mitch, during his time as an investment salesman discovered investing in senior care to be a lucrative move. Mitch spoke with his mother-in-law who agreed, and thus, Cooperative Home Care was born. Under Mitch’s leadership, Cooperative grew from a small tutoring business to a leader in the home healthcare and hospice industry with offices in two states.

After 35 years, Mitch expressed a desire to share his knowledge. He took a sabbatical, hid out in the woods, and wrote his soon-to-be bestseller on Entrepreneurship. Mitch continues to share his business acumen through consulting start-ups and established businesses alike.